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Bpositive in Life !
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A new found respect for RADIO ! 
My first visit to a radio station . I learnt about all the crazy planning & study that goes behind every song that’s played. ———————————————-
It’s all about making the right song reach u at the right time for ur mind to accept it. ———————————————-
A voice enhancement tip from the RJ’s : 
Boil Ginger, Black pepper in water for 5-7 mins , followed by a tsp of honey once poured in a cup ! 
Keep sipping !
A Summer Salad that’s light on ur stomach & pocket ! 
Try it and stay fit ! 
Being on time & achieving a perfect #worklifebalance is constant work ! Here are a few tips on how U can manage work , family & get that ME Time u deserve ! 
@apollolife1 #upasana
Let your smile change the world, 
but DON’T let the 
world change ur smile. 😁
When was the last time u hugged ur Mom ! When was the last time u did something special for her ? 
Here’s something every child & parent must watch ! @mirzasaniar  Mother’s Day is on Sunday - plan something small but memorable cos for moms material things don’t  matter.
Check the full version out on IGTV / @youtube !!! ( using igtv for the first time - pls don’t mind the mistakes ) 
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How long - before we see another SANIA MIRZA !
not a rags to riches story but 
a WILL POWER to VICTORY journey ! 
Aapi is what we call her - she’s the same age as me ( maybe few months younger 😉) - but I call her Aapi out of Respect! 
One of my dearest friends & A true International Inspiration .
On stands NOW ! 
Watch this space for more. Anam thanks so much for helping me ❤️
Thx  @diabhupal for the fun pics. 
@mirzasaniar @anammirzaaa @apollolife1 #bpositivemagazine #saniamirza #upasana #izhaan
Memories that last forever ! 
I’m sure everyone misses school for the :
school canteen
class photo 
Mr C has soooo many fond memories from his school days ❤️❤️❤️ - brings back the child in him ! 
#lawrenceschoollovedale #lawrencian #nostalgia #downmemorylane #backtoschool #ramcharan
Bk to school with a bang ! 
Love love & more love ! 
The sweetest welcome,  bk to school 🥰 
#nostalgia #lawrenceschoollovedale #lawrencian #backtoschool #downmemorylane #ramcharan
It’s BACK TO SCHOOL for Mr C ! 
#nostalgia #downmemorylane #boardingschool #ramcharan #lawrenceschoollovedale #lawrencian
A Happy Company is a Healthy Company. 
I can proudly say that my happy family members @apollolife1 & @fhpl_health serve over 28 million lives in India today 
According to market research -Proud to be India’s #1 occupational health services provider 
3 rd largest TPA today. 
Strong values , Positivity , Innovation & Thatha’s blessings are our core strength 🙏🏼.
Check out the A for Apollo in the snow
Girls - this was absolutely memorable ! Learnt so much, u all r so inspiring & really rock in ur own fields ! 
I don’t have too many friends, but I do know I have the best ones ❤️ Cos I choose quality over quantity 😉

#girlpower #untilnexttime #paris #travel #frenchdiaries💕 
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Sister love ! 
Always together - FOREVER 
but we fight like hell as well 😉😘🥰😂