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My Gemini twin!!! Ur d mummy I wannna b .... have a super one !!!! Keep smiling n be the rockstaaaaa u are ❤️❤️❤️
Three days left for this dark raw n real medical school drama ‘Ulti’ ginti start kar dijiye… 3 days to go for #MedicallyYourrs. 
Streaming 27th May on ALTBalaji.
#ALTBalajiOriginal @ektaravikapoor @balajitelefilmslimited @shobha9168 @shantanu.maheshwari @nityaami.shirke @bijayanand @jayna_ruchandani @manasadhiya @priyanka.arya_ @iamkewaldasani @mayainthefilms @shrutitheactor @subharajput @crimrinal @shubhaavi @ivanrodriguesofficial @baljitsinghchaddha @chloejferns 
credit: @altbalaji
Rishton Ke bhi Roop badalte hain, naye naye saanche Mein dhalte hain, Ek peedhi Aati hai Ek peedhi jaati hai... Banti kahaani Naayi 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🙏🏼❤️
Congrats to our honorable PRIME MINISTER :) our uniter in chief! India is now united in decision 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
All eyes on #amethi we r rooting for our aunt
Meet meira sharma ( she was meera but the momzillas call her ‘ meiraaa’ mairaaa’ to make her sound more fashionable)she is d inner voice of all moms ! She navigates her way thru gluten free chips n gajar ka halwa.... bullies n control freaks ......n then blogs all of it!!! She makes us believe1) the struggle is real 2)there are no right answers3)there is strength  in supporting n not competing n that4)we are all in it together !!!!She is u she is me ‘Meet our Mental Mom @therealkarismakapoor as Meira Sharma.
A small town mom trying to navigate through this jungle of Mumbai momzillas. She is you, she is me and she is every mom out there.  A tired, stressed out, worrying, caring… mental mom!

#Mentalhood #ALTBalajiOriginal @altbalaji @shobha9168 @filmfarmindia @bhavnarawail @karishmakohli @ritz2101
@altbalaji n I welcome @therealkarismakapoor on board to frontline this amazing ensemble of mommies! She was d first n only choice n it took many mtngs ( n ten fully bound scripts ) to get this perfectionist on board !!!p.s Thanku Reshma
When BIWI NO1 becomes MUMMY NO1😂🤣❤️🕺🏻! N now we come to d final introduction! The mommy most like us! The enabler the narrator d perspective!! The anti thesis  of the PERFECT MOTHER is the ever growing EVER EVOLVING ONE ! She tries she cries she cares she fails n she never gives up! Cause motherhood is an on going process
Nagin3 finale  is going to be EPIC on 25 th n 26 th of May 7 pm!! Thankiuuu all for the longest season of nagin!! @shobha9168 @imouniroy 
@muktadhond @chloejferns @Colorstv @surbhijyoti @anitahassanandani @arjunbijlani @karanvirbohra @adaakhann @pearlvpuri @rakshandak27 @sudhaachandran @balajitelefilmslimited
D anti thesis of #punchhbeat 🤣 ! Check out #medicallyyours on 27 th May! Dikh raha sirf sauce hai, but inki life mein poora raita faila hua hai! 
#MedicallyYourrs streaming 27th May on ALTBalaji.
#ALTBalajiOriginal @ektaravikapoor @balajitelefilmslimited @shobha9168 @shantanu.maheshwari @nityaami.shirke @bijayanand @jayna_ruchandani @manasadhiya @priyanka.arya_ @iamkewaldasani @mayainthefilms @shrutitheactor @subharajput @crimrinal @shubhaavi @ivanrodriguesofficial @baljitsinghchaddha @chloejferns 
credit: @altbalaji
That mother who is d ‘ admin’ of all mommy Wassap groups that you dare not piss pff 😂Teaming with the fantastic @sandymridul who with @anuragsbasu did my first gec fiction #koshishekashaa ! Know more about our Momzilla... the queen bee of all the mothers! 
#Mentalhood streaming soon on @altbalaji

#ALTBalajiOriginal @shobha9168 @sandymridul @filmfarmindia @bhavnarawail @karishmakohli @ritz2101
Here comes theMOMZILLA AKA Anjana joshi AKA AJO! Like many sobo moms she is branded to boot demands perfection n is an epitome of aspiration... but in time she will know 1)perfection is a fallacy ...2)the ones who are hard  on others ...are hardest on themselves and it’s3) ok for d infallible to fail too